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Scientist – Targeted Proteomics
Confirmed live in the last 24 hours
Belmont, MA, USA
Experience Level
Desired Skills
Data Analysis
  • PhD in Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry, Chemical Biology, or related discipline with 3+ years of experience in targeted mass spectrometry-based proteomics in industry or startup biotech setting or
  • BS/MS with 8 + years of experience
  • Broad experience in targeted proteomics is required for:
  • Configuring highly multiplexed and sensitive PRM/MRM stable isotope labeled peptide assays using label-free and TMT-labeled Discovery Proteomics data
  • Developing and optimizing targeted MS methods to monitor protein or small molecule targets across a wide dynamic range in a variety of sample types (cells, tissues, biofluids) and formulations (fresh, frozen, FFPE)
  • Incorporating antibody or IMAC enrichment strategies of proteotypic peptides or phosphopeptides to improve assay LOD/LLOQ and throughput using LC-MRM-MS
  • Acquiring and searching discovery proteomics data to rank and select the best proteotypic peptides to generate targeted protein assays for human and pre-clinical species
  • Operating, maintaining and troubleshooting HPLC, nanoLC, Orbitrap and QQQ instruments
  • Demonstrated ability to independently analyze, and interpret targeted proteomics data to recommend project next steps
  • Ability to organize and multitask efficiently and generate high quality MS data to meet key clinical timelines
  • Ability to communicate data and methodologies effectively in a fast paced, team-oriented environment
  • Develop, optimize, and implement targeted proteomics analysis workflows, including automated antibody enrichment strategies, for precise, accurate, and sensitive protein measurements using stable isotope dilution mass spectrometry
  • Work with project teams to identify targeted proteomics assay needs, samples requirements and deliverables
  • Perform targeted protein MS assays using state-of-the-art LC-MS systems; including nano-LC, Orbitrap and TQMS platforms to determine drug PD, optimize SAR, profile E3 ligases and quantify biomarkers for patient stratification
  • Prepare samples from a wide variety of biological matrices (cultured cells, tumor tissues, biofluids, etc)
  • Perform data analysis utilizing commercially available or free proteomics software (Skyline, MaxQuant, Spectrum Mill, etc)
  • Maintain and qualify HPLC and MS instrument performance
  • Keep accurate inventory of peptide standards and reagents
  • Stay up to date in the field of targeted proteomics and mass spectrometry
Desired Qualifications
  • Working knowledge of operation of lab automation, KingFisher, AssayMAP Bravo or other liquid handling robotic systems is a plus
Kymera Therapeutics

51-200 employees