Lead Software Engineer
Presto Execution Engine
Confirmed live in the last 24 hours
Oakland, CA, USA
Experience Level
Desired Skills
Data Structures & Algorithms
  • Start with a strong understanding of C++ that you continually expand upon
  • Express curiosity in deepening your understanding of down to the metal performance characteristics of your code
  • Take pride and passion in planning software architecture that minimizes complexity, scales well, and remains malleable to an ever-evolving film-making pipeline
  • Hold yourself and others to a high bar when it comes to engineering methodologies, like writing maintainable code, providing good documentation, and embracing automated testing
  • Have the ability to listen well and communicate clearly
  • Find fulfillment in mentoring and inspiring individuals, as well as supporting their career growth
  • Able to work hybrid model (4 days a week on campus)
  • Drive solutions to challenging problems that arise from evolving the architecture of software that is heavily exercised in an active production environment
  • Collaborate with other R&D and production teams, as well as external partners to identify needs, discover dependencies and prioritize tasks and available resources
  • Balance short-term needs with strategic direction while keeping focus on long-term goals and continually ensuring that production users are not blocked
  • Provide team members with regular feedback and support them in developing a plan for growth
  • Set technical direction, plan and implement new features, optimize algorithms and data structures, and support and maintain the existing system

1,001-5,000 employees

Computer animation studio
Company Overview
Pixar's mission is to proprietary technology and world-class creative talent to develop computer-animated feature films with memorable characters and heartwarming stories that appeal to audiences of all ages.