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Streamlining access to community-driven knowledge

AI & Machine Learning
Consumer Software

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Company Overview
GigaBrain aims to revolutionize how people access and utilize community-driven knowledge online, particularly from platforms like Reddit. They focus on extracting valuable insights from vast amounts of online discussions, overcoming the limitations of traditional search engines and AI models like ChatGPT. Their approach prioritizes user experience, making it easier to find trustworthy, experience-based answers from niche communities and experts.
AI & Machine Learning
Consumer Software

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Irvine, California

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  • Health insurance (full-time)
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  • Vision insurance (full-time)
  • Equity stake (full-time)
Company Core Values
  • Everyone is an owner. We all own equity, a clear area of focus, and the outcomes of our decisions (good or bad).
  • We care about design. To paraphrase Steve, 'Design isn't just what it looks like. Design is how it works (and how it makes you feel).' Whether you're an engineer, a product manager, a designer, or our legal counsel, you're thinking about how your role contributes positively to the design experience of our users.
  • You don't have to be right all the time here. We think in terms of upside to downside ratio. Of course, everything we release is something we think will be useful and strategic, but we realize not everything will work as expected. And we always keep that in mind.
  • No bullshitters. ELI5. We don’t use jargon to obfuscate. We give credit where it’s due. We're less theoretical and more interested in 'practical application' of software to improve human knowledge sharing.
  • Aligned autonomy. We get agreement on goals so we can all focus on how we achieve them with less micromanagement.
  • No meetings without a clear agenda. If someone sends you a meeting invite with no agenda, its your right to ask for a clear agenda before joining - Is it about sharing context? Brainstorming? Getting feedback? Agreeing on a path forward?
  • We're building an ecosystem. We think longterm about how we can make it sustainable for our users and our team.
  • Everyone has expertise in something specific. Our platform is here to make that knowledge stuck inside everyone's brains vastly more liquid. People are our atomic unit, not just websites.
  • We get shit done. And we have fun.
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Cofounder & CEO

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