Sr. Product Manager

Machine Learning / Mlops

Posted on 5/9/2024



1,001-5,000 employees

Regulated communications capture and retention solutions

Data & Analytics
Government & Public Sector


London, UK

Required Skills
UI/UX Design
Data Analysis
  • Proven experience as a Product Manager/Product Owner of a microservices, SaaS or machine Learning/AI based product.
  • Knowledge of MLOps frameworks like: MLFlow, Comet, Weights & Biases, Neptunem Kubeflow Pipelines, Metaflow, Kubeflow serving, Seldon Core, Amazon Sagemaker Neo, Prefect, Dagster, Airflow, Pachyderm, Feast, and DVC.
  • Machine Learning Governance, and cost modelling/management.
  • Experience with software engineering and product management tools such as Jira, Confluence, Miro, ProductBoard, ProductPlan, Notion.
  • A growth mindset and a commitment to quality.
  • An ability to influence and work across different teams.
  • Knowledge of communications surveillance/compliance in a Financial Services context.
  • Data Analysis, Machine Learning and/or Natural Language Processing knowledge.
  • Exposure to containers and streaming/even driven architectures (such as Kubernetes and Kafka)
  • Help to develop and bring new ML and NLP capabilities and innovations to market, focusing on Machine Learning operations and the cost of running machine learning based products.
  • Manage and prioritize backlogs, defining sprint priorities and writing user stories/acceptance criteria for our engineering teams.
  • Write Epic specifications in partnership with our engineering and design teams.
  • Work closely with other Product Managers to convert product strategy to detailed requirements and prototypes that can be translated into our development processes.
  • Define process flows in conjunction with customers and work with our design teams on the UX of our products.
  • Write feature specifications and product discovery documents and help our Sales teams respond to RFPs.
  • Attend and actively participate in team ceremonies (stand-ups, retros, and planning meetings).
  • Coordinate efforts with globally dispersed teams.

Smarsh offers an engaging and dynamic workplace that is pivotal for professionals keen on contributing to highly regulated sectors like banking and government. Working at Smarsh means utilizing cloud-native technologies to manage and analyze communication data, thus playing a key role in safeguarding the integrity of financial and governmental communications. The company's focused approach on detecting regulatory and reputational risks provides a critical service, making it a valuable and secure environment for industry professionals.

Company Stage

Series D

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Portland, Oregon



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