Network Data Scientist
Updated on 2/2/2024
Altana AI

51-200 employees

Supply chain infrastructure platform
Company Overview
Altana AI’s mission is Globalization 2.0: a globalization defined by trusted networks, which span and connect nation states, businesses, and civil society in resilient, secure, sustainable, and inclusive global business networks. The company is committed to creating a new paradigm of Trusted networks to better coordinate supply and demand, build more efficient supply chains, and to form public-private partnerships toward shared objectives.
AI & Machine Learning
Data & Analytics
Crypto & Web3

Company Stage

Series B

Total Funding





New York, New York

Growth & Insights

6 month growth


1 year growth


2 year growth

London, UK • San Francisco, CA, USA • Brooklyn, NY, USA
Experience Level
Desired Skills
Data Science
Apache Spark
Data Analysis
AI & Machine Learning
Data & Analytics
  • BS, MS, or PhD degree in Computer Science, Data Science, Economics, Statistics, Computational Biology, BioInformatics, or equivalent experience
  • Strong background in data science, graph mining, and graph simulations
  • Skilled in software architecture; designing and implementing clean code and interfaces
  • Experience building data intensive applications that model complex systems
  • Comfortable communicating technical analysis to less technical stakeholders
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Develop statistical models of network structures and their relationships to network behavior
  • Automate identification of persistent network structures as well as emergent network structures and behaviors within and across industry verticals
  • Build analytical solutions for understanding network dependencies
  • Establish business-focused network resilience metrics based on network attributes such as attachment, centrality, connectivity, distance, path lengths, and similarity
  • Develop new metrics that describe network characteristics as relates to the performance of businesses in the network
  • Develop models to describe, predict, and simulate network behavior under multiple scenarios, including scenarios that change over time
  • Categorize relationships between network patterns and business outcomes
  • Build descriptive and predictive models of network dynamics that can be used to plan business strategies by people regardless of their expertise in network analytics
  • Facilitate usage of analytical capabilities though architectural and interface design
Desired Qualifications
  • Experience with Apache Spark, Databricks
  • Experience with agent-based models of network dynamics
  • Experience with generative models of network structure and behavior
  • Experience analyzing supplier networks in supply chains, banking, insurance, or ecommerce