Software Engineer
Mobile Platform
Posted on 3/27/2023
Remote • United States
Experience Level
Desired Skills
Android Development
React Native
  • Experienced in React Native. You have extensive experience in React Native and have performed multiple React Native upgrades. You are experienced with the tools used for React Native development and are proficient in modern React concepts such as hooks
  • Knowledgeable in iOS and/or Android. You have experience with iOS and/or Android and understand the importance of having a robust native layer below React Native features. You are comfortable working with Swift and/or Kotlin
  • Willing to learn. You have solid mobile engineering skills but are always willing to dive into specific areas to gain the expertise needed to be successful in your role
  • Excited about helping others be productive. The idea of working on a platform team that builds robust software behind a well-designed API to accelerate development for other teams sounds exciting to you
  • A mentor at heart. You find mentoring others rewarding so seek out opportunities to level up others in your area of expertise
  • Dedicated to delivering quality work. You want your team to get things done and done well and are willing to wear many hats to make this happen
  • Extend and maintain Hudl's React Native platform. To support teams working on customer-facing mobile features, you'll be extending and maintaining the TypeScript, Swift, and Kotlin layers of Hudl's React Native platform. To ensure the platform is reliable, well-maintained, and easy to use, you'll think carefully about API design and your work will include quality tests and documentation. Having both iOS and Android experience will be beneficial when designing the cross-platform API but experience with only 1 is sufficient
  • Serve as a consultant to teams developing for mobile. With your knowledge of React Native and iOS and/or Android, you'll support teams working in the mobile space by answering questions and providing feedback on pull requests, design reviews, and project plans upon request
  • Be an involved team member. You will actively participate in scrum ceremonies and proactively and thoughtfully create tickets for the team's backlog
  • Stay current with mobile trends and strategies. The mobile landscape is constantly changing and staying current will help you ensure that Hudl's React Native platform evolves in a healthy way to support changing environments and new use-cases
  • Champion work-life harmony. We'll give you the flexibility you need in your work life (e.g., flexible vacation time, company-wide holidays and timeout (meeting-free) days, remote work options and more) so you can enjoy your personal life too
  • Guarantee autonomy. We have an open, honest culture and we trust our people from day one. Your team will support you, but you'll own your work and have the agency to try new ideas
  • Encourage career growth. We're lifelong learners who encourage professional development. We'll give you tons of resources and opportunities to keep growing
  • Provide an environment to help you succeed. We've invested in our offices, designing incredible spaces with our employees in mind. But whether you're at the office or working remotely, we'll provide you the tech stack and hardware to do your best work
  • Support your mental and physical health. We care about our employees' wellbeing. Our Employee Assistance Program, employee resource groups and fitness partner Peerfit have you covered
  • Cover your medicalinsurance. We have multiple plans to pick from to ensure you'll have the coverage you (and your dependents) want, including vision, dental, fertility healthcare and family forming benefits
  • Contribute to your 401(K). Yep, that's free money. We'll match up to 4% of your own contribution

1,001-5,000 employees

Sports film application and platform
Company Overview
Hudl's mission is to make software that helps teams and athletes win. The company builds a platform to share and edit sports film.
  • Free lunch (everyday!)
  • Free snacks, soda & coffee
  • New hire graduation
  • $5 t-shirts
  • Anniversary gifts
  • Casual dress code
  • Fantasy football & march madness brackets
  • Pop-a-shot
  • 3-on-3 basketball tourney
  • Unlimited vacation
  • 401(k)
  • Social events committee
  • Birthday bagels & donuts
  • Hudl helps
  • Hudl works smarter
  • Annual retreat
  • Free tickets to div. 1 & nfl games
  • Computer stipend
Company Core Values
  • DOMINATE: If something is worth doing, it’s worth dominating. We’re committed to giving every project our all.
  • WE LISTEN: A company is only as good as the product and support it provides. Our phone lines and inboxes are always open for feedback and questions.
  • WE'RE A FAMILY: Our friendship isn’t bound by office walls. We hang out after work, attend each other’s weddings, and show up for a Hudlie in need.
  • WE THRIVE ON THE FRONT LINES: To understand the product, we get to know our users. From clinics to campus visits, we’ll go just about anywhere to make sure our stuff works.
  • WE'RE RESPECTFULLY BLUNT: If there’s a problem or room for improvement, we speak to one another directly to work things out. No sugarcoating allowed. #RealTalk