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Digital Project Manager
Confirmed live in the last 24 hours
Experience Level
  • You're a polished and persuasive communicator (without BS-ing). You consistently listen, synthesize, write, and speak better than most people
  • You were born with an awareness of and appreciation for details
  • You get made fun of by your friends because you're “too” organized (as if THAT'S possible)
  • You meet deadlines across multiple, simultaneous projects
  • You build long-term relationships with clients based on thorough planning, timely and professional communication, and intelligent problem-solving
  • You're solution-oriented. You don't just identify problems, you synthesize solutions
  • You're comfortable closely managing project budgets. You can work with internal teams to manage their time within constraints, transparently communicate budget health to clients, and lead prioritization discussions to help clients understand tradeoffs and collaboratively identify solutions that work with their timelines and budgets
  • You have a "thick skin" when the going gets tough. If and when conflicting demands emerge, you communicate diplomatically to reach a resolution
  • You demonstrate integrity through your words and actions
  • You love processes and plans, but you're flexible. You can create an effective project plan and timeline, but are comfortable enough with ambiguity to adapt the plan when things change
  • You have worked in a fast-paced software development environment before, whether at an agency or product company
  • You know how the web works and how a web app works, which means you're aware of technical constraints when talking to clients. You don't hesitate to ask a lot of questions in order to define the functionality of what we're building
  • You can break down a set of wireframes into actionable tasks for back-end and front-end developers. You're passionate about finding innovative, efficient, and effective ways to document those tasks
  • You can shepherd often-vague client requests and ideas through the definition process. You know when to rely on a UX designer, but you're comfortable thinking through logic and creating useful documentation of that logic
  • You're able to describe workflows and tasks purely from an end user's perspective, helping developers make informed implementation decisions
  • You've performed QA. You can distinguish a bug from a functional update from a new feature request. You don't write merely good bug reports. You write better bug reports-- or, at least, that's your goal each and every time
  • Generally, successful candidates will have between 3 and 8 years experience managing digital projects. If the role has piqued your interest and you think you'd be a fit, and don't quite meet the requirements, we still encourage you to reach out
  • Redesigning the Human Rights Campaign's website with a tested information architecture, an easy-to-edit CMS, and a brilliant new design to help HRC better demonstrate their commitment to making information and action accessible
  • Overhauling the brand and technical communication for NFL Players Association using in-depth research to understand what the NFLPA truly means to players and apply those learnings via innovative development and content strategies
  • Building an MVP for Project Beacon to better operationalize the COVID-19 testing process all the way from scheduling to results
  • Taking a founder's idea for Optify from concept to prototype to a well-defined product equipped with a name and brand strategy
  • If these are challenges that you would thoroughly enjoy, then this job might be a fit for you

51-200 employees

Full-service interactive agency
Company Overview
Viget sees the digital world as an essential part of the “real” world. That's why they approach tech problems in the same way people approach real-life problems — with curiosity, empathy, and a belief that we can, and will, come up with solutions that make the world a better place for everyone.
  • We offer competitive salaries, annual raises, and a 401(k) plan matched up to 4%
  • We cover 100% of your health & dental insurance (and your family’s, too)
  • We offer healthy snacks in each office and foster a culture of well-being with initiatives
  • We champion sustainable workweeks balanced with 9 paid holidays, 15 days PTO (20 after 2 years), and 2 community service days
  • We outfit our team with 27 in displays and your choice of Macbook Air or Pro. In most cases, you can select the software you prefer
  • We provide an annual conference stipend, internal micro-classes, and opportunities to explore new tech on self-directed projects
Company Core Values
  • Be Good - To us, this means honest, trustworthy, empathetic, helpful, and respectful of your fellow humans.
  • Be Real - We’re at our best when we’re authentic, engaged, fun-loving, humble, direct, and all-in on our mission.
  • Be Brave - We want you to be curious, creative, ambitious, decisive, and willing to take calculated risks and tackle big challenges.
  • Learn & Grow - Here, you’ll continually expand and evolve your skills, and broaden your personal and professional experiences.
  • Teach & Share - By imparting insights, knowledge, and wisdom throughout our company and community we all succeed.
  • Teamwork - We’re all on the same team and we consistently work both hard and smart in service to our clients and each other.