Senior Director

Discovery Science

Updated on 6/3/2024

Revolution Medicines

Revolution Medicines

201-500 employees

Specializes in precision oncology therapies



San Carlos, CA, USA

  • Ph.D. degree in a relevant scientific discipline
  • Over 10+ years’ experience in the pharmaceutical/biotech industry
  • Strong track record of scientific innovation in assay development, screening, and compound mechanism of action studies
  • Deep knowledge of various Hit ID approaches like DEL, FBDD, HTS, virtual screening
  • Proven track record of scientific and people leadership
  • Recognized as an intellectual leader in the early phases of drug discovery
  • Experience in leading and managing early discovery projects
  • Experience managing scientific collaborations and CRO outsourcing activities
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Successful coaching, mentorship, and team development
  • Supporting all early drug discovery efforts from target evaluation to lead generation/optimization
  • Leading screening efforts within the Discovery Chemistry Department
  • Designing assays and screening strategies for the RevMed portfolio
  • Managing and mentoring scientists in the discovery sciences function
  • Participating in nominating new cancer targets and establishing drug discovery programs
  • Supporting Medicinal Chemistry efforts to deliver lead compounds
  • Advancing the RevMed Research Portfolio and building scientific reputation
  • Enhancing operational efficiency through management of external resources
  • Identifying and leading partnerships with strategic technology partners

### Welcome to Revolution Medicines, crafting the future of oncology with precision. Our focus is on advancing RAS(ON) inhibitors and RAS Companion inhibitors, marked by the remarkable journey of our lead product, RMC-4630, through its clinical phases. Supported by a team of passionate oncology experts, we are steadfast in our mission to develop treatments that precisely target oncogenic mutations, promising a brighter, healthier tomorrow for patients everywhere. ###

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