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Principal Machine Learning Research Engineer

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Boston Dynamics

Boston Dynamics

1,001-5,000 employees

Develops advanced mobile manipulation robots

Industrial & Manufacturing
Robotics & Automation

Senior, Expert

Waltham, MA, USA

Applied Machine Learning
Robotics & Autonomous Systems
AI & Machine Learning
  • 7+ years of experience applying ML to robotic perception problems
  • Deep knowledge of state of the art in related areas including human detection, autonomous vehicle and driver assist systems, and robot safety
  • Experience developing and deploying ML-based perception software for time-sensitive control systems, such as robotics
  • Experience developing specifications for perception systems from high-level product requirements
  • Experience with the full lifecycle of deep learning development, including network design, data management, training, evaluation, hyperparameter search, deployment, and validation
  • Strong communication skills, including ability to author technical documentation and deliver presentations on technical topics
  • History of leading cross-functional technical efforts through planning, technical requirement development, and interdisciplinary collaboration
  • History of working in small, interdisciplinary teams
  • Help build the systems that allow robots to operate safely around people
  • Build, validate, and deploy ML models to detect hazards, humans, and other environmental features
  • Integrate models onto robots' embedded systems to collect data and evaluate performance
  • Develop data sets, metrics, and validation plans for ML models
  • Work to improve model accuracy and run-time performance of models on specific hardware
  • Lead cross-functional technical efforts involving interdisciplinary efforts to develop robotic systems
  • Work closely with a small team to design and prototype new payloads, platforms, and product features creating safety features for robots

Boston Dynamics specializes in developing advanced mobile manipulation robots with exceptional mobility, dexterity, perception, and agility, leveraging sensor-based controls and computation to unleash the potential of complex mechanisms. The company's focus includes prototyping new concepts, conducting build-test-build engineering, field testing, and transforming successful designs into robot products, with the goal of redefining the capabilities of robots using sensor-based controls and computation.

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Waltham, Massachusetts



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