Humanoid Robot Operator Interface Engineer



51-200 employees

Develops commercially viable autonomous humanoid robots

Robotics & Automation
Industrial & Manufacturing
AI & Machine Learning

Junior, Mid, Senior

Sunnyvale, CA, USA

Required Skills
Data Structures & Algorithms
  • Experience implementing, testing, and deploying operator interfaces on real robots
  • Experience with various virtual reality and GUI frameworks
  • Capable of quickly writing massive amounts of high quality, well-tested, operator interface software
  • Possess both a theoretical understanding and have practical experience with operator interfaces
  • Have a deep knowledge of state of the art techniques, data structures, and software tools
  • Thrive in a high pace environment, where solutions are often unclear and require exploration
  • Design, implement, test, and deploy operator interfaces for humanoid robots. These interfaces will include both 3D virtual reality interfaces and 2D traditional GUI keyboard/mouse interfaces
  • Develop an immersive avatar operator interface, in which the human operator feels as if they are the actual robot
  • Integrate various sensing, perception, and autonomy modules in the operator interfaces, allowing operators to operate in a higher-level supervisory role
  • Develop mission-level operator interfaces for interacting with nominally fully-autonomous robots, which will occasionally require human intervention in challenging situations
  • Develop and use modern software engineering techniques to implement high quality, well-tested software
  • Evaluate potential operator interface solutions and make design trade offs and decisions based on robot requirements
  • Engineer and ship high quality, reliable software that will be deployed to the real world
  • Work with the Figure Integration and Testing team to evaluate and continuously improve your operator interfaces

Figure, an AI Robotics company based in Sunnyvale, CA, is at the forefront of creating the world's first commercially viable autonomous humanoid robot, demonstrating its technical prowess and industry leadership. The company's competitive edge lies in its advanced AI technology, which is driving the race to build AI-powered humanoids. The work culture at Figure promotes technical innovation, fostering an environment that encourages employees to push boundaries in robotics.

Company Stage

Series B

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Sunnyvale, California



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