Vesalius : Statistical Geneticist
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Flagship Pioneering

501-1,000 employees

Originates biotech ventures for health and sustainability
Company Overview
Flagship Pioneering stands out as a leader in the biotechnology industry, having originated and nurtured over 100 scientific ventures, including high-profile companies like Moderna and Indigo Agriculture. The company's culture is rooted in developing transformative products for human health and sustainability, as evidenced by their creation of platform companies like Generate Biomedicines and Tessera Therapeutics. Their competitive edge lies in their ability to explore new frontiers in genetics, as demonstrated by their recent unveiling of Quotient Therapeutics, a venture aimed at creating transformative medicines.
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Cambridge, Massachusetts

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Cambridge, MA, USA
Experience Level
Desired Skills
Data Structures & Algorithms
Computational Biology
Biology & Biotech
  • PhD in statistical genetics, genetic epidemiology, biostatistics, or related field
  • Strong foundational knowledge of quantitative genetics (GWAS, QTL mapping, heritability estimation, etc.), population genetics, and applied statistics
  • Demonstrated experience applying post-GWAS analyses to predict causal mechanisms underlying disease loci (fine mapping, colocalization, functional enrichment, etc.)
  • Experience integrating GWAS data with human genomic data (RNA-seq, ATAC-seq, ChIP-seq, etc.) a plus
  • Demonstrated proficiency in a relevant programming language (R, Python, etc.)
  • Experience developing novel models, algorithms, or software implementations a plus
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills to both technical and non-technical audiences
  • Demonstrated ability to work in a dynamic environment as a team player with a strong work ethic.
  • Demonstrated ability to work in a dynamic environment with a sense of urgency and creativity and focus on deliverables.
  • Team player with a strong work ethic, able to work both independently and collaboratively
  • Continuously learns and adapts quickly to new information
  • Authentic, proactively appreciative of different points of view, backgrounds and perspectives
  • Design and leverage cloud-scale analysis pipelines to integrate human genetic data, internally generated genomic data, and externally generated genomic data to predict mechanisms underlying complex diseases and nominate novel drug targets
  • Collaborate with computational biologists and wet-lab biologists to validate predicted mechanisms
  • Collaborate with biomedical informaticists to connect predicted mechanisms to patient subpopulations
  • Collaborate with software engineers and data engineers to acquire, organize, and efficiently query human genetic data
  • Maintain awareness of emerging methods in statistical genetics and computational biology
  • Prepare written and oral presentation of results to the team