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Nanoparticle Synthesis

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Flagship Pioneering

Flagship Pioneering

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Cambridge, MA, USA

Lab & Research
Physical Sciences
Required Skills
Data Science
Data Structures & Algorithms
Data Analysis
  • Hands-on and direct experience working with multiple nanoparticle synthesis methods such as sol-gel, co-precipitation, hydrothermal synthesis, chemical vapor deposition, and physical vapor deposition
  • Hands-on and direct experience working with multiple nanoparticle characterization techniques such as SEM, TEM, XRD, XRF, BET, and DLS
  • Experience integrating nanoparticles into a variety of testbed formats while retaining functionality
  • Experience with nanoparticle deployment for catalysis
  • PhD in Chemistry, Materials Science, Chemical Engineering, or related field
  • Strong self-starter and independent thinker, with strong attention to detail
  • Demonstrated industry experience or academic achievement, as evidenced by publications in quality journals
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills, capable of conveying technical information in a clear and thorough manner
  • Eager to work with highly skilled and dynamic teams in a fast-paced, entrepreneurial, and technical setting
  • Develop and execute synthesis methods to create solid-state inorganic nanoparticles with specific properties
  • Design the synthesis and, where applicable, surface modifications to integrate nanoparticles into formats suitable for characterization and testing
  • Work with the broader experiment team to establish nanoparticle integration strategies and performance evaluation methods
  • Design and perform characterization experiments to validate nanoparticle properties as-synthesized and in testbed/device-integrated states
  • Design data processing, data interpretation, and quality control algorithms for nanoparticle characterization data and collaborate with the computational team to implement these algorithms
  • Work with the automation team to design and source instrumentation to automate or otherwise accelerate nanoparticle synthesis
  • Work with the data science to team to establish expressive machine representations of synthesis methods and recipes to enable both stringent data management and automation of the design and execution of synthesis recipes
  • Analyze, report, and present findings of experiments to the FL97 research team

Flagship Pioneering fosters a culture of groundbreaking advancements in biotechnology, emphasizing an ecosystem approach that synergizes human health and sustainability. Their business model not only focuses on creating transformative products but also incubates leading companies like Moderna and Indigo Agriculture, positioning them at the forefront of scientific innovation and industry leadership. This approach offers employees a unique opportunity to be part of a pioneering team that drives real-world impacts across multiple sectors.

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