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UX Researcher
Remote, US Only
Confirmed live in the last 24 hours
Remote in USA
Experience Level
Desired Skills
Data Analysis
Product Design
UI/UX Design
  • Jack-of-all-research-methods: proficient in a wide variety of mixed methods (1:1 interviews, focus groups, surveys, behavioral analyses, card sorting, tree testing, etc.) and know exactly when & why to rely on different combinations of quantitative and qualitative methods for a research plan. Can get started with minimal guidance
  • Pragmatic & highly tactical: grounds research priorities in prioritized objectives that will drive tangible user, customer, and business value
  • Growth-oriented: loves the process of developing, and enjoys learning new skills and figuring out the most effective ways for communicating research to stakeholders
  • Reflexive and dynamic: knows how to resolve tough issues in an ambiguous space and tailor research methods to the needs of relevant audiences. Knows how to move quickly and efficiently
  • Autonomous ownership: independently identifies research opportunities to improve the desirability, usability, and delight of business-critical product experiences and have a sense of pride in your work that takes you above and beyond what is requested
  • Proactive strategist: understands the importance of learning from different viewpoints and are able to partner cross-functionally to develop research plans that garner insights from across an entire organization
  • Excellent communicator: clear and effective in verbal and written communication, and able to build compelling narratives to influence cross-functional stakeholders
  • Proven: diverse portfolio of projects clearly demonstrates tackling complex problem areas and the outcomes driven
  • Empathetic and kind disposition: a team player who is resilient in the face of challenges. Enjoys collaborating with peers & users, and they enjoy collaborating with them. Authentic, humble, and sensitive to the needs of others
  • Collaborate with Product, Design, Engineering, and leadership to identify and prioritize research topics with the greatest impact
  • Build and execute end-to-end research projects that incorporate qualitative & quantitative data and modern research methods to gain deep user insights & broad market context to impact product and company-level strategy
  • Deeply understand Apollo's business, market, users & experiences through consumption of relevant external and internal literature, market and competitive trends, and new, primary research
  • Conduct research across all stages of the product development lifecycle - directing foundational, strategic, iterative, and evaluative studies as needed
  • Synthesize research findings into actionable recommendations and deliver them in the form of compelling, high quality deliverables for team and executive level audiences
  • Define and measure UX approaches and metrics, including introducing new and innovative approaches to better engage with user experiences
  • Democratize access to research for stakeholders by building research programs, platforms, and toolkits that empower them to conduct tactical research
  • Become a thought leader and champion for customers within the Product & Design organization. Day-to-day:
  • Continuously and measurably increase customer satisfaction metrics through the generation of insights that drive concrete, actionable change
  • Deliver outstanding research that combines rigorous methodologies with strong analytics to meaningfully impact product development in a customer-centric manner
  • Serve as respected, essential partners for design, product, and engineering-offering the strategic foundations for engaging with our customers' perspectives at all stages of product development
  • Drive innovation in product thinking through the utilization of novel methods and approaches to evaluating design processes
  • Uphold the highest ethical standards for our product teams, and provide continuous inputs on how to make our product the most sensitive and responsive to our customers' privacy and security needs
  • Build bridges between customers and our product teams that allow development to occur in a manner that is always responsive to our customers' expectations, desires, and needs

51-200 employees

End-to-end sales strategy foundation
Company Overview
Apollo strives to be the leading provider of retirement income solutions to institutions, companies, and individuals.
  • Health Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Vision Insurance
  • Flexible Spending Account (FSA)
  • Health Savings Account (HSA)
  • Financial Planning
Company Core Values
  • Safety - Ensuring the safety of our employees, our plant, and product use
  • Care - Caring for the welfare of each other, our customers, and all that we do
  • Trust - in the ability, integrity, and motivation of each other and our customers