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UX, Researcher
Updated on 3/20/2024

501-1,000 employees

Product experience platform for actionable intelligence
Company Overview stands out as a desirable workplace due to its unique culture that prioritizes product intelligence and customer success, as evidenced by its partnerships with leading companies like Verizon and Salesforce. The company's technical prowess is demonstrated by its product experience platform, which allows businesses to swiftly and efficiently make product intelligence actionable. With a global presence and industry leadership in supporting product and digital leaders through initiatives like Mind the Product and sponsored events, fosters an environment of continuous learning and growth.

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Series F

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Raleigh, North Carolina

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2 year growth

Raleigh, NC, USA
Experience Level
Desired Skills
UI/UX Design
Product & UX/UI Design
UI/UX & Design
  • 2 years of experience supporting a B2B SaaS platform development
  • 2 years of experience executing multiple research methods including generative (attitudinal), evaluative (behavioral), qualitative and quantitative; ability to align appropriate methods with research objectives
  • 2 years of experience analyzing and synthesizing qual and quant data
  • Ability to communicate research insights and recommendations to drive clarity and inform business and design decision-making
  • Problem-solving skills and visual communication
  • Experience being a strong advocate for the user and for data-driven product development
  • Comfortable and motivated by work in a fast-paced, rapidly growing organization
  • Conduct generative and evaluative research in collaboration with designers and PMs
  • Build expertise on Pendo as a product, and help to define how Pendo can be incorporated into the research process
  • Be a strong advocate for user- and data-driven product development
  • Educate counterparts on best practices and current trends within research
  • Participate in establishing a library of personas, customer journeys, workflows and JTBDs
  • Create and maintain re-usable user research templates and accessible guidelines to enable PMs and designers to self-serve when needed
  • Participate in Dovetail insights library and research repository ongoing maintenance
  • Facilitate and lead group discussions (internally and externally) to enable teams to further define problems or narrow scope
  • Leverage visual communication to effectively relay user needs, data-driven insights, and to help teams identify areas for improvement and optimization