Senior Process Engineer

Posted on 4/18/2024

Valdes Architecture and Engineering

Valdes Architecture and Engineering

51-200 employees

Provides engineering and project management services

Industrial & Manufacturing


Merrillville, IN, USA

  • Bachelor’s Degree or higher in Chemical Engineering
  • 5+ years of experience working as a Chemical or Process Engineer
  • US citizen or green card holder
  • Coordinate work with other departments to achieve project milestones
  • Execute P&ID walk-down efforts or field verification of P&ID’s
  • Identify and resolve client design errors, open issues, project execution errors or conflicting information on projects
  • Participate in Process Hazard Analysis
  • Develop material and energy balances as required for projects
  • Utilize vendors in the design and selection of process equipment including packaged processes and technologies for inclusion in process designs
  • Check process data on instrument data sheets and recognize the applicability/limitations of the instrument technology selected
  • Check simple calculations, line lists, equipment lists, specialty items lists and simple equipment data sheets
  • Track hours used to execute project tasks, review projects schedules
  • Identify out of scope work on projects
  • Learn to develop complex process simulations including HTRI etc., utilizing the correct thermodynamic property packages and, understanding the limitations of simulation
  • Learn to develop relief device scenarios and calculate estimated required relief loads
  • Learn to develop complex equipment and vessel process designs along with required data sheets
  • Learn to develop project execution plans for projects, including fast track and long lead item identification
  • Learn to identify the necessity for process control interlocks
  • Learn to mentor young engineers and provide direction and effectively delegating work to other engineers on a team
  • Learn to develop scopes of work on large process projects
  • Learn to solve client operating problems / Troubleshoot existing processes
  • Learn to recommend potential instruments and specific technologies for applications
  • Learn to recognize project opportunities
  • Learn to understand process design codes and standards and utilize them when they are applicable
  • Learn to recognize the importance of developing an estimated solution to an engineering problem versus an exact solution
  • Learn to develop complex control strategies
  • Learn to develop and evaluate conceptual process designs
  • Learn to conduct inter-discipline reviews, highlighting important design aspects to other departments
  • Learn to collect process data that is not readily available and make design decisions based on limited process information
  • All other duties as assigned
Valdes Architecture and Engineering

Valdes Architecture and Engineering


Valdes Architecture & Engineering delivers expert engineering and project management services across various sectors, excelling in process simulation, instrumentation and controls, project management, procurement services, and construction management. They maintain a focus on delivering high-quality and precise solutions that cater to a wide range of industrial needs.

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