Stock Coordinator

Buck Mason

Buck Mason

51-200 employees

Modern American brand offering quality, tailored clothing.

Consumer Goods

Junior, Mid

Cambridge, MA, USA

Required Skills
  • Dive into the daily operations of our shop, ensuring it's always looking its best and ready to welcome customers with open arms.
  • Keep our shop's aesthetic on point, maintaining its cleanliness and responding swiftly to any unexpected curveballs.
  • Be the guardian of our stockroom, keeping it organized, clean, and operating at peak efficiency.
  • Take charge of our back stock of apparel and accessories, ensuring everything is neatly organized and easy to access.
  • Keep the sales floor fully stocked and looking fresh, replenishing from our back stock with speed and precision.
  • Handle shipments like a pro \/u2013 from unboxing to steaming to hanging, you'll make sure every item is ready for its close-up.
  • Stay on top of company productivity and visual standards, ensuring every task is completed to perfection.
  • Keep the Store Manager in the loop on supply needs, allocation needs, send outs, and consolidations.
  • Work closely with the Manager to tackle incoming shipments, prioritizing tasks and keeping the flow smooth and steady.
  • A driving force behind sales growth, supporting the team and ensuring every customer has a positive shopping experience.

Buck Mason stands out for its commitment to quality, simplicity, and customer-centric services, embodying a modern American brand with a laid-back California ethos. The company's competitive advantage lies in its unique offering of inseam alterations on select pants, ensuring a perfect fit for customers and delivering ready-to-wear products straight out of the box. With a forward-looking approach, Buck Mason not only respects past fashion icons but also acknowledges the modernity of future classics, positioning itself as a responsible industry leader.

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