Unit Contributor
Posted on 3/2/2023

201-500 employees

Online classroom learning platform
Company Overview
Newsela’s mission is to support a meaningful classroom for every student to inspire a generation of learners. The company understands that every child learns differently and has built a platform based on learning science research to deliver the most engaging, authentic content to modernize how teaching happens in the classroom.
Experience Level
  • You have experience writing and implementing standards and objectives-aligned lessons that help students build skills and master content, particularly in Social Studies, ELA and Science
  • You have experience curating vetted, reliable resources to support the learning experience for all students, and providing the scaffolds and supports that can help teachers differentiate learning
  • You have experience creating curriculum and lesson activities for use in digital education contexts, utilizing standard frameworks such as the C3 Inquiry Model, CCSS, NGSS, etc
  • You possess deep understanding of backwards-design, objective-based planning, familiarity with key components of strong formative assessment
  • You're attentive to details, accuracy and production deadlines
  • You're able to respond to and implement feedback
  • Creating units for Newsela's content collections that align to a provided scope & sequence and specific standards, relying on their instructional expertise and creativity to curate Newsela texts and design lesson plans that are engaging
  • Reviewing and editing draft versions of Units, evaluating the content and instructional choices, providing feedback and revisions along the way
  • Revisiting and refreshing Newsela content collections, adding more relevant and up-to-date resources based on staff and teacher feedback
  • Other tasks that support the production process, such as migrating information, adjusting unit formatting, updating resources & links, tagging standards within a Unit, and other quick, yet vital, tasks