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Central Operations Manager
Confirmed live in the last 24 hours
Experience Level
Desired Skills
Data Analysis
Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)
  • Bachelor's degree in any of the following fields: engineering, statistics, operations, economics, or similar
  • 3+ years of experience in Operations / Consulting / Data Analytics / Strategy or a similar field
  • Strong Strategic Thinking. You naturally look and plan a few steps ahead, and have good business sense
  • Analytical skills. Analyzing data will be a core component of this role, and we are looking for someone who can come in and hit the ground running with solid skills in data extraction, Excel / Google Sheets analysis, and data visualization
  • SQL proficiency is required for this role
  • Strong written/verbal communication skills. We are a remote-first company, so creating great documentation is an essential part of the job
  • Leadership. You're able to clearly articulate a vision for the work you do beyond the scope of individual projects. You have strong communication and interpersonal skills to build sustainable relationships and inspire a large team
  • Adaptability. Experience navigating ambiguous environments solving complex problems while exercising good judgement - no problem is for you is too big or too small!
  • Strong Project Management Skills. You are super organized & efficient with your time / energy. You can keep a group marching towards a goal, regardless of authority
  • Problem Solving. You are resourceful and have a track record of being effective at overcoming obstacles, both big and small, as you go about your work
  • Startup experience a plus
  • Supply Strategy. You will own strategically managing and growing the supply side of the market w/ support from other team members and cross-functional partners
  • Project Management. Design, implement, and analyze initiatives to drive step-change improvements in supply acquisition, onboarding funnel conversion, and retention
  • Automation. Reduce your personal and team's operational burden by automating tasks and reporting through internal tools and processes
  • Process Building. Build, document, and roll out processes designed to support our supply acquisition efforts
  • Data Analysis. Use internal and external data to inform strategy, guide projects, and monitor progress against key metrics
  • Continuous improvement. Constantly analyze ongoing efforts in order to detect areas of improvement
  • Collaboration with other ops and product teams to find creative solutions to scale our onboarding processes

51-200 employees

Community-based homemade food marketplace
Company Overview
Shef's mission is to rebuilding the food system from scratch, and redefine who can participate in the food economy, returning personal connection to the making, eating, and sharing of food. They are looking to build a community devoted to economic empowerment and cultural inclusivity that enables anyone to feed their neighbor.