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Chief Product and Technology Officer
Confirmed live in the last 24 hours
United States
Experience Level
  • You're highly collaborative, with excellent interpersonal skills and known as a great executive team member and partner
  • You manage to outcomes, excel at planning and organizational alignment and optimize for constant, iterative improvement in everything you do
  • You're focused on self-development and practice self-awareness
  • You earn tremendous followership amongst those who work for you, and can build A+ teams with strong cultures and a sense of belonging for your team
  • You have strong situational adaptability - with a knack for creating calm out of chaos - and you effectively manage ambiguity while helping to drive clarity in the process
  • You are known for your decision-making prowess, and can manage highly complex and long-range decision cycles with a variety of internal and external partners
  • Expertise collaborating with senior leaders with differing opinions and proven examples of pushing ideas forward that led to better outcomes for the company
  • Own and manage the product & solutions roadmap, in partnership with the executive team and strategic leaders across the organization. As a solutions company, Guild has multiple delivery mechanisms - product, operations, marketing - all of which the CPTO will responsible for authoring in the product and solution roadmap
  • Structure and develop an impactful product and technology organization, developing a strong bench of future leaders and current executors who are focused on throughput and delivery
  • Own the company's product strategy, guiding our key decisions on the products we build in partnership with the key strategic leaders
  • Own and execute on the company's platform, data, technology strategies
  • Collaborate with leaders to connect the product & solutions roadmap with the overall company strategy, domain strategies and key initiatives
  • Contribute to Guild's leadership team as a high-performance executive and teammate
  • Evangelize Guild's technology prowess to help differentiate us in the market, and to showcase our ability to win from a tech perspective
Desired Qualifications
  • You've led both product and engineering functions, with a focus on large, complex, technical organizations (300+)
  • You've led product and engineering teams focused on building and delivering platform capabilities
  • You've likely also supported large enterprise customers and potentially worked in a marketplace business where balancing partners is critical
  • You have a love for operational excellence and structuring teams for maximum efficiency and throughput. You excel in large-scale project management and have a passion for iterative development
  • You've led successful teams in both hypergrowth and scale up environments ($100M to $1B), and have demonstrated skills for driving successful teams through multiple phases of growth and scale
  • Experience building purely technical products as well as products that function within a solutions context, e.g., as part of an ecosystem, in conjunction with services, etc
  • You've helped teams mature existing products and know when to build vs buy vs partner
Guild Education

501-1,000 employees

Education and upskilling platform
Company Overview
Guild is on a mission to unlock opportunity for America's workforce through education.
  • Be an owner - Every employee is granted equity in Guild with a 4-year vesting schedule as well as a 401(k).
  • Prioritize your time - We offer generous parental leave, PTO, and onsite daycare for Denver-based employees
  • Have a learner's mindset - Guild offers student loan reimbursement, 100% tuition assistance for your first bachelor’s degree, and $10K/year toward additional education.
  • Take care of yourself - Comprehensive medical, dental, and vision plans because we care about the health and well-being of all Guild employees.
Company Core Values
  • Nurture a Learner’s Mindset - We are fueled by curiosity, consciously seeking to make ourselves, each other, and the work continuously better.
  • Create Belonging - We believe that belonging is essential to business. We are cultivating a community rooted in diversity and respect with heart and commitment, that’s in service of both our culture and all of our stakeholders.
  • Build Shared Success - At Guild, success is not a zero sum game. We strive for the win-wins in both our work and in our impact, knowing we deliver the best outcome when we collaborate together and assume positive intent from all.
  • Be an Owner - We each own a piece of Guild – as owners, we take responsibility today and always for our voices, actions and long term impact.