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Staff Engineer

Frontend/Fullstack, Public Web

Posted on 7/14/2024



10,001+ employees

Economic empowerment through inclusive technology

Social Impact
Financial Services
Consumer Goods

Senior, Expert

Oakland, CA, USA + 1 more

Frontend Engineering
Full-Stack Engineering
Web Development
Software Engineering
Required Skills
Ruby on Rails
  • 8+ years of experience with JavaScript/TypeScript and modern web frameworks (especially Svelte and/or React)
  • Extensive experience in web markup languages (HTML5 and CSS3), backend technologies such (NodeJS, ExpressJS and Ruby), and front-end build tools (Webpack, ESbuild, and Vite)
  • Proven record of consistently delivering large features (spanning ~1+ year with multiple milestones) and large teams from start to finish with strong collaboration, communication, and ownership
  • Expertise in building web apps and large-scale applications
  • Expertise with modern front-end and server-side rendering technologies and frameworks (Svelte and React)
  • Highly effective communicator to all disciplines and comfortable presenting and demoing work to large audiences
  • Hands-on experience setting up and maintaining large-scale web applications with a substantial contributor base (dozens of active weekly contributors)
  • Deeply comfortable with and able to apply software development design principles (SOLID, DRY) in daily work
  • Enjoy working in a collaborative environment and partner with other cross-disciplinary teams (designers, design technologists, product managers, data scientists) to achieve optimal results
  • Proficiency with CI pipelines and cloud infrastructure (mainly AWS and Cloudflare)
  • Excellence in test coverage (unit, and end-to-end)
  • Experience being on-call, and are comfortable working under pressure
  • Build and support Square’s Public Web
  • Identify and explore ways to improve application architecture, testing, and build pipeline
  • Continually seek to optimize and improve the seller experience
  • Iterate rapidly on features, tooling, and processes
  • Work with other senior front-end engineers to establish and evangelize best practices and patterns
  • Write code to serve a server side rendered CMS based website
  • Write code to build the design system that allows Design Technologists and content authors to build and deploy web pages in a no-code and low-code manner
  • Support an ongoing effort to fully deprecate a legacy Ruby on Rails stack
  • Prioritize and advocate for tooling and build investments to add leverage for every front-end engineer
  • Actively participate in reviewing technical documents and roadmaps to advocate for the right architectural tradeoffs
  • Advocate for process improvements within the team/organization in a critical, but thoughtful and empathetic way
  • Mentor engineers across the organization, evolving and instilling a culture of high quality and high velocity work

Block is a company deeply invested in economic empowerment through its innovative use of technology across multiple disciplines, including financial forecasting, system security, and inclusive People policies. This multifaceted approach not only fosters an inclusive workplace but also promotes continual learning and growth among its employees, making it a leader in nurturing and implementing new initiatives in its industry.

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