Senior Product Manager
Team Messenger
Updated on 11/30/2023

1,001-5,000 employees

AI-enhanced customer service solution for businesses
Company Overview
Intercom stands out as a leading customer service solution provider, offering a unique blend of automation and human support that enhances customer satisfaction while reducing operational costs. Their AI-enhanced workspace, trusted chatbot, and no-code automations facilitate efficient team collaboration and swift issue resolution, contributing to a 15% increase in handled conversations. With over 25,000 global organizations relying on their platform, Intercom's commitment to delivering unparalleled user experiences and their vision for a future where most customer conversations are resolved without human intervention, make it an exciting and rewarding place to work.

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San Francisco, California

Growth & Insights

6 month growth


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2 year growth

London, UK
Experience Level
Desired Skills
Product Design
Customer Success & Support
  • 5+ years experience as a product manager, with a proven track record of shipping impactful products
  • Experienced collaborating with multiple teams and juggling several projects at once
  • Ideally you have a mix of B2B and B2C experience and are passionate about the end user experience
  • Mobile app or SDK experience would be desirable!
  • Demonstrable experience of leading a team
  • Strong track record of effectively collaborating with design, as it’s essential that you’re able to think deeply about product design decisions and have an understanding of how to create simple user interfaces.
  • You can clearly communicate product decisions and the rationale behind them. You’re comfortable making decisions without consensus. You can help others make decisions by being persuasive.
  • You have deep experience working with both qualitative customer insights, and quantitative customer data to inform decisions. You’ve conducted user research, a/b tests and have worked closely with design researchers and analysts.
  • You’re entrepreneurial; you don’t need direction; you're self driven.
  • You’re organised, not ad hoc.
  • You’re able to easily switch between thinking creatively and analytically.
  • You’ll manage the roadmap: capture work from a wide range of inputs, understand and prioritise this work so your team is always working on the most impactful projects
  • You’ll deeply know the problems that you’re tackling through research and regular interaction with customers; define and frame those problems for the team
  • You’ll collaborate with your team in thinking big, to imagining future solutions that solve these problems
  • You’ll scope these solutions to their smallest coherent state to ship to customers as early as you can
  • You’ll constantly evaluate if your solutions have solved the problem through quantitative and qualitative measures, both in beta’s and after full release.
  • You’ll own and maintain the quality of the product areas your team are responsible for; deliver world-class software in every release.
  • You’ll motivate a group of committed, smart people to do the best work of their careers
Desired Qualifications
  • Mobile app or SDK experience