Simplify+ Guide!

Simplify+ Guide!

Welcome to the Simplify+ user guide! Keep reading to explore the various features that come with Simplify+ and learn tips on how to make the most out of your membership! Not a member? Join here!
Need help on something not covered here? This guide is a work-in-progress: We’re here for you 24/7 at [email protected]! We’re a small team and your emails will directly go to the founders.

Table of Contents

⚡️ AI Question Filling

Not sure how to answer questions like “why do you want to work here”? With Simplify+, you’ll see the Simplify icon popup on the bottom left of these paragraph-based questions to help you out!
Our AI is trained on a dataset of recruiter-approved responses to common job application questions and uses information from your Simplify profile to generate the perfect response!
When you hover over the Simplify icon, you’ll see the option to provide additional context to the AI. We strongly recommend doing so – you can include relevant skills, experiences, or projects you want the AI to emphasize. Simplify Copilot will then use this information along with your profile and the job description to generate a well-crafted answer that addresses the question effectively.
Here’s a real-life example:
Question: Why do you want to work at Figma? Example Prompt: Mention that I love Figma’s product and use it everyday in my personal life. Include some unique aspects about their culture that I’d resonate with. Include that I have applicable product experience at my current job. Four sentences max. Generated Output: As an avid user of Figma in my personal life, I can attest to the power and usability of the platform. I love how Figma enables collaboration and streamlines the design process, allowing teams to create better products together.
The fast-paced and changing environment at Figma aligns with my experience working on complex and user-facing product launches at my current job as a co-founder of a SaaS platform. I'm confident that my background would make for a great APM at Figma!
This feature will help you save time and effort in crafting high-quality, personalized responses to these application questions.

💯 Crafting the Perfect Resume with Simplify+

📄 Adding Multiple Resumes to Your Profile

With Simplify+, you have the flexibility to add multiple resumes tailored for different job applications. This means you can customize your resume to highlight specific skills and experiences that align with each job opportunity.
Managing & Uploading Your Resumes
To view your existing resumes and upload a new resume you’ve already made, click on the 🖊️ icon in the Resume Section of your profile page. You should see the following popup where you can search, preview, edit, delete, and upload new resumes.
notion image
You can also set a default resume which will be used for the resume match score and autofilling. Your default resume will be the one displayed on your profile.
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Your can change the resume you want autofilled within the extension popup for every job. Click on the Simplify Icon (which you should have pinned!) if the popup disappears – simple, right?

🛠️ Building New Resumes

To build a new resume using click on the Generate Button or navigate to our Resume Builder. There you can choose whether to start from your profile information (scratch) or use a previously generated resume as a base. At the moment only generated resumes can be used as a base, uploaded resumes are not editable in the Resume Builder.
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You can build a custom resume and edit your coursework, descriptions, add projects, and more. Once you’re ready to save and create a new resume - click on the Save Resume button. When using a generated resume to autofill - your experiences will be pulled from the resume rather than the profile.
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Note: To reset the data to your profile simply click on the “Reset to Profile” buttons in each section.
Naming Your Resume
We separate saved resume name from the uploaded file name on applications to ensure proper naming convention on applications and good organization for your resumes. When we upload your resume to a job application it will always be renamed to “firstname_lastname_resume”, so feel free to name your resume anything you want. We recommend naming them based on the role and industry/company you’re applying to.
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If you’re worried that the correct resume isn’t being uploaded correctly since the name is the same on upload - just click on the “Preview Resume” button in the autofill popup.
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Style Configuration
Choose from 4 different recruiter approved templates and configure font, sizes, and margins to make your resume exactly how you want.
notion image
notion image
Editing Generated Resumes
If you’d like to edit a generated resume instead of create a new one you can simply click on the 🖊️ icon for a given resume in the View All Resumes popup. This will take you to the resume builder in edit mode.
Formatting Resume Sections
You can move the section order by clicking on the drag icon next to the section title and dragging the section up or down. You can also collapse the section to make it easier to navigate by clicking on the arrow icon on the top left.
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Experience Description Data
When starting from scratch your information is taken from your Simplify profile. Your experience descriptions are automatically separated into bullet points based on your newlines in the description and existing bullet point characters are filtered out. If there are other formatting characters you have that you would like automatically filtered let us know! You can also replace the bullet points in bulk by clicking on the Import Bullets button.
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If you’d like to keep your special formatting on your Simplify profile but not in your resumes, you can create a new resume with desired formatting and use that resume as a base for new resumes instead of your profile.

✨ AI-Optimized Resumes for Every Job

We understand the importance of tailoring your resume to each job opportunity. By doing so, you can increase your chances of making it past the resume screen and improve your overall application success rate. To customize a resume to a job simply click on the “Tailor Resume” button on the Simplify Popup on a job application.
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You’ll be redirected to the Resume Builder where we’ll automatically grab the job title and description. You’ll then get an option to create your resume with AI written content or with your default profile information. After you’re done editing, clicking Use Resume will create the new resume and send it back to the job application to be uploaded.
Tailor to Job
The Tailor to Job button opens a popup to set the job title and description on which to tailor the resume to. This information will be prefilled when coming from the extension, but can also be manually set.
Keyword Match
We’ll extract meaningful keywords from the job description so you can see how well your resume matches the role. You can select which keywords Simplify should include when generated new description points for your experiences. Keywords already included in your resume will have a blue checkmark. These keywords will be highlighted in the AI generated results. Click on the Resume Score banner to see all the keywords you are missing.
notion image
Bulk Description Generation vs. Individual Bullet Generation
You can bulk generate your description by clicking on “Rewrite with AI Suggestions” button at the bottom of the experience. This will use your current description and provide 3-5 bullet options based on the AI settings for you to selectively add to your experience.
Alternatively, clicking on the ✨ AI Button (shown below) next to an individual bullet point will rewrite the specific bullet point and provide 3-5 options to replace the bullet.
notion image

⚙️ Customizing AI Settings

We also provide some configuration options for the AI generation. Click on the ⚙️ AI Settings button to open the settings.
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Here’s how to use these options:
  • Job Description Tailoring
    • This toggle controls whether the job description should be used when rewriting the bullets. Toggling this off will result in more generic results – you may want to use this when creating more general, broad resumes.
  • Resume Generation Style
    • We offer three different resume styles for which you can have the AI follow. Simplify Standard is our own best practices style and the option we recommend for most cases. We also offer the Google XYZ and STAR formats.
  • Additional Prompt
    • This text field allows you to add any additional instructions, context, or information that you would like considered when generating the descriptions. Good examples are specifying where keywords should be mention and what accomplishments should be emphasized.

👣 Tracking Resumes Performance Across Job Applications

For jobs tracked by Simplify, we’ll automatically log the resume you used so you can keep track of how different resumes are performing. Be sure to update the statuses of your applications to keep these analytics up to date!
However, for applications we miss and custom applications you add, you can utilize Add Application popup on Job Tracker page which allows you to associate a specific resume with each application.
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Performance Analytics Dashboard [Coming Soon]
Simplify+ provides performance analytics that give you insights into how your different resumes are performing. By analyzing the analytics, you can identify which resume variations are generating more interest and positive responses from employers. This valuable information can help you optimize your resumes further and increase your chances of securing interviews.
Take advantage of the multiple resumes and performance analytics features in Simplify Plus to enhance your job application strategy and maximize your chances of success.

📝 Cover Letter Generation

Simplify+ leverages AI to analyze job descriptions and helps you generate a tailored cover letter that highlights your qualifications and demonstrates your fit for the specific role. With this feature, you can say goodbye to generic cover letters and create personalized ones that stand out to potential employers.
With the cover letter generator, you’ll see the option to provide additional context to the AI. We strongly recommend doing so – you can include relevant skills, experiences, or projects you want the AI to emphasize. Simplify Copilot will then use this information along with your profile and the job description to generate a cover letter. You can edit the output however you’d like!

💌 24/7 Priority Support

We prioritize support requests from Simplify Plus users - be sure to reach out if you have any questions or just want some advice on the job search in general!
Email [email protected] for priority support.
Have another question? Shoot us an email and we’ll address it ASAP :)