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How to Get an Internship at Atlassian

Our essential tips on how to land an internship at Atlassian, the leading workplace software company. Learn how to make a great impression and leverage networking to stand out from the competition.

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Are you interested in working at a top software company and gain valuable industry experience? Look no further than Atlassian! As a leading provider of innovative solutions for team collaboration and project management, Atlassian offers a range of exciting internship opportunities to kickstart your career in tech. In this post, we'll share insider tips to help you stand out in the application process and provide valuable insights into what Atlassian looks for when recruiting interns!

Curious about what it takes to land an internship at Atlassian and jumpstart your career in the tech industry? Keep reading for insights and tips to help you secure a spot!

Frequently Asked Questions About Atlassian Internships

Are you an aspiring tech professional looking to gain hands-on experience in the industry? Then Atlassian may just be your perfect fit. As a well-known software company, Atlassian is renowned for creating popular tools such as JIRA and Confluence. They offer dynamic internship opportunities that allow students and recent graduates to work alongside seasoned experts while developing their skills and gaining valuable insights into the works of the industry.

Atlassian's extensive internship program encompasses various positions across diverse fields like software engineering, design, marketing, product management, and much more - meaning no matter what area interests you most; there will always be an exciting opportunity available! Here's some more information about the internships:

  • Internship Length: 12-16 weeks.
  • Software Engineer Intern Salary: $60.00 per hour
  • Number of Interns: 8,813+ (across all roles)
  • Office Locations: Atlassian has offices around the world, including in San Francisco, Mountain View, Austin, New York, Sydney, and Amsterdam!
  • Application Cycle: Atlassian's internship application cycle typically opens in the fall and runs through the winter.

Curious about Atlassian's mission and goals for creating an impact? Here's how they describe their program:

The most amazing thinkers-like NASA rocket scientists and Tesla engineers-are looking to us for solutions. We develop software  that helps teams everywhere launch amazing ideas into the world. Sound like an exciting place to start your career?
Curious about how to apply for Atlassian internships and what the interview process is like? Check out this helpful resource by Atlassian which provides more information and details.

What Experience and Qualifications Do I Need?

When it comes to landing an internship at Atlassian, there are certain qualifications and experiences that can increase your chances of being selected. To be considered for an Atlassian internship, you will typically need:

  • A strong academic background in a relevant field such as computer science, engineering, design, marketing, or business.
  • A track record of academic excellence and a solid understanding of fundamental concepts related to your chosen field of interest.
  • Ability to communicate well with others and work effectively in teams.
  • Experience working on open-source projects or contributing to coding communities may also give candidates an advantage

Keep in mind that each position comes with its own set of specialized skills and requirements which applicants will need to consider. Generally speaking, there is no one-size-fits-all answer as to what experience or qualifications an applicant needs to have in order to land an internship at Atlassian.

What does a Atlassian internship involve?

Atlassian internships are an excellent opportunity to gain practical experience and learn from experienced professionals in a dynamic and collaborative environment. Depending on the position and department, interns may work on a range of projects, such as software development, design, marketing, or business operations.

For example, software development interns might work on coding, testing, and debugging software, while design interns might create graphics, prototypes, or user interfaces for Atlassian products. Marketing interns might assist with social media campaigns, market research, or content creation, and business operations interns might work on data analysis, project management, or process improvement initiatives.

Regardless of the specific role, Atlassian interns are given significant autonomy and encouraged to take ownership of their work. They also have the opportunity to collaborate with other interns and professionals, attend training sessions, and participate in company-wide events and activities.

When Do Applications Open?

Based on previous years, Atlassian usually opens its internship applications in the fall or winter, typically around September or October. However, it's always a good idea to check the Atlassian website or social media accounts for the latest information on application deadlines and requirements.

It's worth noting that Atlassian's internship programs are highly competitive, so it's important to start preparing your application well in advance and ensure that you meet the qualifications and experience requirements outlined in the job description!

Types of Internships at Atlassian

At Atlassian, there is a diverse range of internship opportunities available across various fields, including software engineering, customer experience/design, product management, IT, security, data and analytics, site reliability engineering, marketing and communications, sales, and finance.

Each internship at Atlassian may have specific requirements and responsibilities depending on the field. For example, a software engineering intern may be expected to work on coding and developing software, while a marketing and communications intern may be tasked with creating content and promoting Atlassian's products. Nonetheless, all Atlassian interns will have the opportunity to work on hands-on projects and gain valuable skills to help them grow and succeed in their future careers.

What benefits can I expect?

As an Atlassian intern, you can expect to receive a number of perks and benefits. Here are a few examples:

  • Competitive Compensation: Atlassian offers its interns competitive compensation packages that include a monthly stipend, housing assistance, and other perks.
  • Professional Development: You will have access to various resources and programs to help you develop your professional skills and gain valuable experience in your chosen field.
  • Fun and Inclusive Culture: Atlassian is known for its fun and inclusive culture. You will have the opportunity to participate in various team building activities, social events, and community service projects.
  • Mentorship and Networking: You will have the opportunity to work closely with experienced professionals and receive mentorship to help you grow and develop in your career. Additionally, you will have the chance to network with other interns, full-time employees, and industry professionals.
  • Flexible Work Arrangements: Atlassian offers its employees flexible work arrangements, including the option to work from home or remotely.

Atlassian provides its interns with a supportive and rewarding experience that can help kickstart their career in their chosen field.

How Can I Apply?

If you're excited about the prospect of interning at Atlassian, the first step is to head over to their website and visit their careers page. Once there, you can search for available internship positions and find a role that aligns with your interests and career goals. After you've identified a suitable position, complete the application form and upload your resume.

To stand out from other applicants, it's important to showcase your passion for innovation and problem-solving, as well as your strong communication and teamwork skills. Do your research on Atlassian and its culture to gain a deeper understanding of the company's values and vision. It may also be beneficial to include any relevant projects or experiences in your application to showcase your creativity and innovative thinking.

Keep in mind that Atlassian is looking for top talent, so don't be discouraged if you have to complete a technical assessment as part of the application process. If you're eager to learn and willing to put in the work, the Atlassian internship program could be an excellent opportunity to gain valuable experience and develop new skills!

Keep in mind: Atlassian's internship application process may vary depending on the position and location, so be sure to read the application instructions carefully and reach out to Atlassian's recruitment team if you have any questions or concerns.
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What to Expect from the Interview

The interview process for an Atlassian internship typically involves several steps to assess your skills, experience, and cultural fit. Here's what you can expect:

  1. Submit your resume: The first step is to submit your resume through Atlassian's online career website or internship portal.
  2. Complete an online assessment: After reviewing your resume, you may be asked to complete an online assessment to evaluate your skills and experience in more detail.
  3. Phone screens with recruiters and teams: If you pass the initial assessment, you'll likely have a phone screen with a recruiter and a member of the team you are applying to. These phone screens may cover your experience, skills, and interest in the position.
  4. Final round craft-assessments and interviews: If you are selected to move forward, you may be invited to participate in a final round of craft-assessments and interviews. These assessments may test your technical or creative skills, depending on the position you're applying for. Interviews may be conducted by hiring managers, senior leaders, and other team members, and may cover a range of topics related to the position.
  5. Hiring decision: After completing the final round of interviews, Atlassian will make a hiring decision and extend an offer to the successful candidate.

It's important to note that the exact interview process may vary depending on the position and location, and Atlassian may also conduct background checks and reference checks as part of the hiring process.

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How to Secure a Return Offer

Securing a return offer after completing an internship is critical for college students and graduates who want to make successful career transitions. Here are some tips for securing a return offer from an internship at Atlassian:

Engage actively

Make sure you attend all meetings, be punctual, respectful towards coworkers, take initiative with assignments, and ask thoughtful questions when presented with challenges or new opportunities.

Maintain an open mind and be receptive to feedback

At Atlassian, they value students' ability and willingness to continually learn throughout their careers. Demonstrate this by maintaining an open mind and being receptive to feedback from your colleagues and supervisors.

Take advantage of professional development opportunities

Attend workshops, participate in mentorship programs, and take advantage of any other professional development opportunities available to demonstrate your commitment to lifelong learning and growth.

Build positive relationships

Building positive relationships with coworkers and showing enthusiasm for Atlassian's mission can greatly increase the likelihood of receiving a return offer.

By actively engaging, understanding requirements and expectations, personalizing your application, maintaining an open mind, taking advantage of professional development opportunities, and building positive relationships, you can increase your chances of securing a return offer at Atlassian.

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Atlassian offers a fantastic opportunity for students and recent graduates to gain valuable industry experience and develop their skills in a dynamic and innovative environment. Whether you're interested in software engineering, design, marketing, product management, or other fields, Atlassian's diverse range of internship positions caters to a wide range of interests and career goals. By following the tips and insights shared in this post, you can increase your chances of standing out in the application process and landing an exciting internship at Atlassian!

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