Feature Announcement: Custom Application Tracking!

Say goodbye to disorganized spreadsheets. You can now track all of your outgoing job applications in one easy dashboard on Simplify!

Michael Yan
Published: (Updated: ) - 2 min read
Michael Yan is the co-founder & CEO of Simplify. Previously a software engineer at Meta, Michael dropped out of Stanford to found Simplify. He is a part-time career coach & Y Combinator alum.

Staying organized during the job search is one of the best things you can do to increase your chances of getting that offer. Making notes of where and when you've applied, when interviews are scheduled, and when to follow up with recruiters can help you guarantee that you're putting your best foot forward for every application you submit. But how can you stay organized when applying to dozens of jobs across multiple platforms?

What are the current solutions?

Before building Simplify, staying organized when applying to jobs and internships was a pain. I, like many others, manually logged the applications I submitted in a Google Sheet that I would update religiously – as you can see below.

20 out of 100 roles I applied to when recruiting for internships in 2019

It was super annoying to have to come back to this spreadsheet after every application and interview. At the end of semester, I applied to more than 100+ positions and had more than 40+ interviews – and was sick and tired of using a messy spreadsheet. Keep reading to find out how to track applications easier and faster with these new features from Simplify!

New Custom Application Tracking with Simplify

If you've used Simplify before, you'll know that any positions you apply to from your job matches or on Simplify's database of jobs are automatically added to your applications dashboard. You can easily update your status for each application and take notes for each position. In addition to automatically tracking your applications, the Simplify extension also enables you to autofill your answers to job application questions on around 80% of jobs on the internet!

Updating your progress is a great way to have a gauge on how your job search is going!

But, what if you apply to a job that isn't listed on the Simplify platform, for example, at a local restaurant? We're excited to announce custom application tracking, now enabling our users to import and add applications to this dashboard! It's as easy as clicking a button and filling in the details!

With this new feature, you can use Simplify's application tracking dashboard as a central place to stay organized throughout your job or internship hunt! Goodbye messy spreadsheets, hello Simplify.

Don't have the Simplify extension installed? Download it here and join tens of thousands of users autofilling and tracking their job applications!

Ready to start applying to positions? If you're in college, check out Simplify's list of top summer internships as a great starting point. Since these jobs are natively on Simplify, they'll automatically be added to your application tracker if you apply with the Simplify extension! With that, best of luck with the job search process :)