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How to Get an Internship at Uber

Want to work at Uber? Keep reading for the Simplify Team's advice on how to land a software internship at one of the largest big tech companies!

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Are you interested in gaining valuable experience by interning at Uber? Working as an intern at this technology giant is a great way to gain exposure to the corporate world while learning new skills. This blog post will discuss the steps you need to take to secure an internship at Uber, from researching the company to developing an application strategy. By following these tips and tricks, you can give yourself the best possible chance of landing an internship at Uber. So read on and get ready to launch your career with an intern experience at Uber!

Frequently Asked Questions About Uber Internships

How do students get internships at Uber?  To secure an internship at Uber, start by researching the company and its technology, mission, and values to make sure they're a good fit for you. Once you’ve done your research and you’re sure Uber is right for you, make sure to have a complete resume with relevant experience, skills, and education. You can then apply directly to open intern positions through the Uber website or use LinkedIn or other job-search platforms. Make sure to tailor your resume and cover letter to the position you’re applying to and include  specific examples of why you’re a great fit for the role.

Once you’ve applied, don’t stop at submitting your application. Make sure to follow up with a personalized thank-you note and check in every few weeks until you hear back. It’s also a great idea to reach out to recruiters, hiring managers, and other Uber contacts you make through networking. If you’re lucky, you may even get an interview for the position. During the interview, make sure to come  prepared with thoughtful questions about the position, the team, the technology, and the company’s culture. By following these steps, you can give yourself the best chance of getting an internship at Uber.

  • Internship Length: 10 to 12 weeks.
  • Salary: The base salary for Uber internships varies based on the position and market, but typically ranges from $4,000-$7,000 per month.
  • Number of Interns: 22,800 (across all roles!)
  • Office Locations: Uber internships are available in cities all around the world, including San Francisco, New York City, Chicago, London, Paris, and more.
  • Application Cycle: Applications for Uber internships typically open in the fall of each year and close in the spring for summer internships.
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What Experience and Qualifications Do I Need?

When applying for an internship at Uber, it is important to understand the skills and qualifications that will be expected from you. Most importantly, you should have relevant educational qualifications, such as a degree in computer science, engineering, business, or other related field. You should also have a strong knowledge of coding and technology, as well as excellent communication and problem-solving skills.

Uber looks for interns with a variety of hard skills, depending on the position. Common skills for interns to have include programming languages, analytics, project management, data visualization, problem solving, and communication. Depending on the specific job, interns might need to have expertise in certain areas such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, software engineering, or marketing. It’s also important for interns to have strong interpersonal and team-working skills.

What does an Uber internship involve?

An Uber internship involves working alongside experienced professionals to gain exposure to the professional world. Interns will have hands-on experience with projects and technologies, and will learn how the world’s leading technology companies operate. Additionally, interns will have access to cultural activities and networking opportunities to help build their professional network. Interns will also be expected to attend team meetings, set goals, and develop their skills.

The types of projects interns work on will vary depending on the intern's field and the needs of the company. Uber interns often work on data analysis and visualization, software engineering and development, market research, and product design. In addition, interns may be asked to work on special projects like interviewing potential candidates, helping with marketing campaigns, or contributing to the development of new products and features.

When Do Applications Open?

Applications for Uber internships generally open in the fall and spring, depending on the specific timing of the recruitment cycle. You should keep an eye on job postings, company newsletters or company website for updates about the recruitment cycle and internship deadlines. It is essential to apply as soon as possible, as the best candidates are often the earliest applicants.

When submitting your application to Uber, you should make sure that your resume and cover letter clearly convey your qualifications, experience and enthusiasm for the position. Additionally, consider including a few short-term or long-term goals for your internship, as this will demonstrate to recruiters your commitment and dedication to the role. Finally, make sure to spell-check and review your application materials to avoid any errors or typos.

How Can I Apply?

When applying for an internship at Uber, you can either submit your application online or in person. If submitting online, you can apply directly through Uber’s website or via LinkedIn. For in-person applications, you can attend job fairs or networking events and introduce yourself to Uber recruiters. These interactions will give you the chance to show off your skills and experiences, as well as build rapport with potential employers.

No matter what method you use to apply for an internship at Uber, it is important that you demonstrate your interest, enthusiasm and commitment to the role. Make sure to read up on the company and research their values, mission and culture. Additionally, make sure to tailor your application materials to fit the qualifications and skills Uber looks for in its interns. With these tips, you’re sure to have a great chance of getting an internship at Uber!

What benefits can I expect?

Uber interns can expect to receive a competitive salary, relocation assistance, and access to cultural activities and networking opportunities. Additionally, Uber interns are eligible for the company’s generous benefits package, which includes free meals, medical and dental insurance, paid family leave, and more. Additionally, Uber provides interns with access to a professional development stipend and career coaching. Finally, interns can expect to build their professional network and gain valuable industry experience that will help them launch their career after graduation.

What to Expect from the Interview

If you've applied for an internship at Uber, you may be wondering what to expect in the interview process. Here's a quick rundown:

  1. After submitting your application, you can expect to receive an invitation to an interview, which may be a virtual video call or an in-person meeting, depending on the role and the company's preferences.
  2. To prepare for the interview, you should research the company and brush up on your technical and coding knowledge. You should also be ready to discuss your skills and qualifications and how they make you a good fit for the role.
  3. During the interview, you can expect to answer questions about your qualifications and experience, discuss your technical skills and coding knowledge, provide examples of projects you've worked on, and showcase your enthusiasm for the role. This is your chance to highlight the value you can bring to the company and stand out from the competition, so remember to be confident, professional, and passionate.
  4. Uber may also ask you to demonstrate your coding abilities by solving a coding problem, writing code on the spot, or answering technical questions. This assessment is meant to determine how well you understand coding and technology concepts, so be sure to brush up on your coding knowledge and be prepared to answer technical questions.
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Types of Positions Uber Offers

Uber offers a variety of internship positions, including software engineering, product management, marketing, and finance positions. Depending on the position, you may be responsible for coding, developing applications, creating databases, or working on marketing campaigns. If you are considering a software engineering internship, you should have a deep understanding of coding languages and technologies, and a familiarity with programming languages such as Java and Python. For product management and marketing positions, you should have strong communication and problem-solving skills, as well as an understanding of user experience design and product development. Finally, if you are looking for a finance internship, you should have a strong understanding of financial concepts, accounting, and data analysis.

How to Secure a Return Offer

Once you have completed your internship, you will have the opportunity to secure a return offer if you have impressed your supervisors and demonstrate that you have gained valuable experience from your internship. To secure a return offer, you should be proactive during the internship and make sure to ask for feedback after completing a task or project. Additionally, demonstrate your enthusiasm and dedication to the role, and form good relationships with your team members. Finally, be proactive in your work and use initiative to come up with ideas and solutions to problems.

Get Started With Simplify Today

Overall, internships at Uber offer a great opportunity to gain valuable experience, broaden your professional network, and take the first steps towards a successful career. With the right preparation, motivation, and enthusiasm, you can be sure to make the best of your internship experience and set yourself up for success. So why not take the leap and get started with an Uber internship today?

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