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Ready to take the first steps to start a fulfilling career? Simplify is here to help you get your foot in the door with the internship of your dreams! The Simplify platform helps you discover thousands of internship opportunities from some of the most well-known companies in your field. See what's available and pursue roles that match your goals, education, and experience.

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Years of education prepared you to enter the workforce, but no amount of schooling makes the first hurdle of your journey easy. Finding internship opportunities is more challenging than it seems. Not only are you competing with other eager candidates and working hard to nail every interview, but the infinite possibilities before you are enough to overwhelm anyone just starting out. How do you learn about the types of companies you can work for, and what internship possibilities are suitable for you?

That's where Simplify comes in. Not sure where to start? Simplify is a feature-rich platform with tools to help narrow your options and set your sights on the positions that are right for you. Take the confusion out of finding your dream internship with Simplify!

I discovered tons of exciting companies on Simplify that I would have never found myself, and ended up signing an offer within a week of applying!

Winston H.

Operations Intern @ FYPM
Simplify has saved me hours of time getting through the most tedious parts of the job search process, helping me to discover more opportunities quickly.

Rio L.

Analyst @ Deloitte
Simplify notified me about Google's APM program as soon as it opened and helped me apply quickly, which was crucial in helping me land the offer early!

Grace H.

APM @ Google

Paid Positions for College Students

Let's face it: Getting paid is a big deal! Getting through school is a pricey undertaking, and any opportunity to make money is worth considering. Instead of applying for jobs that have nothing to do with your chosen career, why not find one that helps you learn and grow before you officially enter the field?

Simplify makes it easy for college students to find paid positions, allowing you to get the best of both worlds. Gain hands-on experience and broaden your horizons while getting regular paychecks. Browse thousands of listings and get the details on every job that piques your interest. See what field it's in, its location, how long the internship will last, and more.

Gone are the days of applying for seemingly perfect jobs only to see that they don't work for your needs. Stick to paid positions that support your career, prepare you for the future, and reap the rewards of your hard work with a paycheck!

Paid Positions for College Students

Receive Personalized Recommendations to Find the Right Role

Landing those early internship opportunities is like sitting at a crossroads. You have a distinct area of study and likely have a good idea of how you want your career to look. But even still, there are a million ways to get there! The decisions you make now can shape your career for decades to come.

Simplify takes the stress out of finding roles that work for you. Our platform offers several tools to make discovering your perfect matches a breeze. First, we have curated internship lists that let you focus your search on specific parameters. Want to work in the San Francisco Bay Area? What about the Big Apple? We have the lists for you. Simplify also has lists of paid internships, seasonal roles, positions at top companies, and more.

You can also discover the perfect position with our innovative job-matching quiz. Answer a few questions and get personalized recommendations for internship roles that will help you get to where you want to go. Find positions that match your interests, background, and goals to ensure you're applying for internships that will leave a lasting impact on your bigger picture.

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Personalized Recommendations

Easily Apply With Our Autofill Extension

The best approach to landing an internship is to send in as many applications as possible. But do you really want to spend all that time typing in repetitive information? A single application can take up to an hour to fill out, depending on the job. Multiply that by 20 or 30 applications, and you're looking at a massive undertaking before you.

Fortunately, Simplify makes filling out applications more effortless than ever before. Easily download our autofill job application Copilot browser extension for Google Chrome and Firefox. Provide your information one time, and you can use the extension to do the heavy lifting for you. Fill out all the necessary information with nothing more than a few clicks. It saves hours, freeing you up to focus on your internship search. Apply for as many roles as you want quickly and efficiently.


Manage Your Applications on Your Personal Dashboard

Do you need help keeping track of applications? Simplify has your back. It doesn't matter how many internships you apply for during your search. Tracking their statuses is paramount. It helps you stay organized, ensures that you submit support documentation on time, and follow up when it's appropriate. Failing to keep track can lead to some opportunity-busting faux pas.

Don't let yourself make those careless mistakes. With Simplify, you can get a centralized view of every application you submit. See exactly where they are in the review process and what steps you need to take to move things forward. Understand every deadline, know when you should take action, and stay organized across the board.

The Simplify application dashboard takes the guesswork out of waiting. Stay in the know, and use our simple tools to make changes whenever necessary. Ensure that your resume and cover letters are up-to-date, even on applications you've already submitted.

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Start Your Career Search With Simplify Today

Simplify is the ultimate platform for discovering, applying for, and landing internship opportunities. Find thousands of listings in every field imaginable. Check out our curated lists to narrow down your search, and remember to take our job-matching quiz. Get personalized recommendations, use our autofill tool to speed through applications, and keep an eye on your personal dashboard to track the status of every role you decide to put your hat in the ring.

At Simplify, we take the headache out of starting your career. Our goal is to help you take those first steps with as few stumbles as possible. Simplify can offer assistance every step of the way, helping you experience a smooth beginning to a rewarding career ahead.