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Fastest Growing Careers According to Reddit

The job market is always changing, and with it, the fastest growing careers for new grads. Keep reading to hear the Simplify team cover some of the fastest growing careers!

Shri Kolanukuduru
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The world around us is constantly evolving, and so are the jobs on the market. With the rise of remote work and flexible roles comes new opportunities for individuals everywhere. The working professional no longer needs to move to a new city or uproot your entire life to work for a top-rated company and pursue your passions. Because of this change, certain positions have risen in demand and have brought new opportunities for individuals to take on new careers that fit their skill sets.

Redditors across the world are always keeping track of trends in the job market—whether you’re new to the job market looking for a high paying internship option or looking for a beneficial career change, here are four of the fastest-growing careers you’ll want to keep top of mind.

Software Engineers

Software engineering is an application of computer science that deals with development and maintenance processes related to software applications. It's quickly becoming an integral part of any business, no matter their size or industry. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the demand will continue to grow by 22% between the years 2020 to 2030.

A software engineers develop web applications, mobile apps, and different types of operating and network systems. They utilize computers to solve real-world problems and tackle challenges in the workplace with technology. An individual in this position spends most of their day working on different computer applications, writing and testing new code, and managing several software projects.

It’s their job to identify problems, troubleshoot problems, and build out new programs. Software engineers know how to create the software from start to finish and utilize different tests to adjust existing hardware and enhance the current software structure. These professionals are very hands-on with technology and know-how to keep a business updated with new technologies.

To be successful as a software engineer, you’ll need strong analytic skills and a solid understanding of technology during a time when technology is constantly evolving.

Average Salary: $108,125

Skills required: JavaScript, HTML, SQL, Python, Java, Go, C++, TypeScript, C#, PowerShell, CSS

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Operations Research Analysts

Flaws in operational analytics can cause costly mistakes that most businesses aren’t willing to risk. To ensure all of their bases are covered, and everything is running smoothly: they hire an Operations Research Analyst. This occupation is growing much faster than other professions and is expected to grow by 25% between 2020 and 2030.

An operations research analyst is the problem solver of the company. They spend most of their day analyzing and evaluating data related to operations, supply chain, high-level marketing initiatives, and pricing models the business has set up. On a daily basis, operations professionals would find themselves collecting and analyzing data, using statistical analysis to define operational problems, and writing reports on their professional recommendations.

To be a successful operations research analyst, you’ll need to feel comfortable collecting and analyzing data with a range of analytic tools. You'll also need strong interpersonal communication skills to conduct interviews with clients and present your findings to different departments.

Average Salary: $86,200

Skills required: Mathematical skills, Problem-solving skills, Advanced understanding of database software, Statistical software applications

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UX Designer

The user experience is a top priority for businesses of every kind and size. To ensure they stand out from the rest of the competition, they need a UX designer to lead the way. The U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics believes careers in this occupation will grow up to 13% by 2030.

A UX Designer focuses on improving the user experience for customers. Whether it’s through web design, a mobile app, a product, or a service, every one of these touchpoints provides some sort of experience for the individual. The UX Designer is there to improve the user experience for the customers and help companies earn loyal customers. They make a product, service, or asset enjoyable, easy to use, and accessible for the customer. Most of their day is dedicated to improving the digital design, A/B testing different versions, and improving the end-user experience. They also develop prototypes, wireframes for web pages, and user flow diagrams.

To find success as a UX designer, you'll need to have an eye for design and a passion for improving the user experience.

Average Salary: $100,795

Skills required: Wireframing, UI prototyping, Agile, Application Development, User flows, Mockups, Visual design, Front end coding, Decision Mapping, UX writing, User testing

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Product Marketing Managers

Marketing positions, in general, continue to grow in demand at a steady pace of 10% between the years 2020 and 2030. However, one position that stands out from the rest and is growing at a quicker pace is product marketing manager. Today, a product marketing manager is a must-have for any growing marketing team. They are an integral part of the product life cycle and help conceptualize the marketing efforts for a go-to-market strategy.

Product marketing managers are a liaison between sales, marketing, and development. It’s their responsibility to develop a marketing strategy for a specific service or product offering. They create a roadmap, establish KPIs, and work with other departments to optimize their marketing initiatives throughout the product life cycle.

Their primary focus during the work week is marketing. However, they're very hands-on with other individuals involved in the product development side. They look for new marketing opportunities before, during, and after a product launch and look for innovative ways to maximize their marketing efforts. They coordinate efforts across all digital marketing channels such as email, social media, web, and paid.

To find success as a product marketing manager, you'll need a strong understanding of product development, as well as different digital marketing channels and software.

Average Salary: $93,862

Skills required: Typeform, Canva, MailChimp, HubSpot, Salesforce, BuzzSumo, Klayvio, Sprout Social, Sketch, Wistia, ProductBoard, ProdPad, UserTesting, SEM Rush, Google Analytics

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What’s next?

The job market is constantly changing, and we’re keeping our eye on the next best high-paying career choice out there. With the right mix of experience and training, you can build a successful career in any field that interests you! Whether it's UX Design or Software Engineering, there's a fit for you. These roles can serve as a launchpad for young professionals, or even a potentially life-changing pivot for industry veterans.

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