We started Simplify to fix the issues we faced while job searching.

Simplify Team

Finding a job sucks. In college, we each applied to over 100 positions every recruiting cycle, spending hours finding roles that fit our interests, manually entering the same information on every application, and trying to stay organized using spreadsheets. After experimenting with virtually every job board and recruiting website out there, one thing became clear: there was no good solution.

We dropped out of Stanford and Berkeley to democratize the job search process for everyone, regardless of their background, location, or education. Our goal is to to build the world's first candidate-first recruiting platform and make recruiting simple, transparent, and fair. Think of Simplify as your personal job assistant that supports you every step of the way—from personalized job discovery, to applying in one-click, to helping you stay organized.

Today, hundreds of thousands of users trust Simplify to power their recruitment processes. Our platform has facilitated over 30,000,000 job applications in the past year, saving thousands of hours and landing many more offers—and this is just the beginning.

Sound exciting? Join us on our mission.

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A Note on Privacy

At our core, we're internet users and human beings. We place a heavy emphasis on privacy, and believe that our users deserve transparency regarding how their information is used.

Our goal at Simplify is to get you hired. We know that by creating a truly phenomenal candidate experience, we can drive higher quality inbound to companies and facilitate more hires, which is where we make money. This keeps our incentives aligned with getting our users hired - the same mission we dropped out of school to pursue.

We use your data to give you personalized job recommendations, autofill your online job applications through our extension, and connect you with interested employers on our platform (we also give you the option to hide your profile from employers). We don't sell your personal data to third-party advertisers.

At the end of the day, we will be upfront and transparent with the data we collect and how we use it to help you land your dream job - and we'll let you decide if you're cool with that.

Let's make recruiting better for everyone.

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Rushil Srivastava
Ethan Horoschak